Dog Education

Training is an excellent way to establish a healthy relationship with your dog. It is extremely important for building a strong friendship and complicity between the two. Whether they are young or senior, all dogs can benefit from Dog Education classes.

Communication is the basis of a good relationship.

Group classes

Puppy Class (Education and Socialization – Up to 6 months)

As our dog grows we must take into account the different experiences he has, because they are all learning experiences. Education should begin when they are still puppies, ideally between 2 and 5 months of age to prevent certain behaviours that may become difficult to manage later.

€35 / month – 1 class per week on Saturdays

Basic obedience class (All ages)

A dog is often called disobedient, however it is usually just a lack of communication. We can help understand communication, thus making human/dog coexistence more peaceful.

€40 / month – 1 class per week on Saturday

Individual Classes

A Trela ​​Amarela Training Center (Secorio)

We customize training to best meet each dog’s individual needs. The method most used by our specialist, Sofia Pereira, is “clicker training”, a great option for those who want to learn how to teach their dog in an intuitive and positive way! If your dog simply doesn’t obey or ignores commands, let’s focus on creating a healthy motivation that encourages him to obey commands.

€20 per class
Pack of 5 classes: €85

Home classes

Individual classes can take place in your home. The personalized plans designed by the trainer are transmitted to the tutors at home. Passing on knowledge to owners is as important as training dogs. And the exercises must be reinforced regularly.

€25 per class + €0.40/km